Spindle Sander

What is a Spindle Sander?

Spindle Sander

Spindle Sander

A spindle sander has a tray or compartment for storing wood pieces on that you need to sand out. Rather than other designs, this one is quite unique: a long, cylindrical tube comes up in the center of one of these, with sandpaper sheets all around it, and achieves a rapid spin cycle.

It is sort of like something you would make from a pottery barn, where you mold clay with your hands around the spinning disc or cylinder. You simply turn it on, and move the wood pieces you are working on against the rotating spindle. It is a more hands-on approach than other methods, considering you have to coerce the sanding process yourself.

How to Use a Spindle Sander

  • You should always use a pencil to draw the outline of what you need smoothed out before you attempt this
  • When you are ready, place the piece against the spindle and turn the machine on
  • Rub the wood piece gently against the sanding tube
  • If you apply to much pressure in one area, you will end up with unevenness in your project, as it will take away too much body from that location
  • Try to make this process as even as possible, using your own pencil-drawn outline as a guideline of where and how much to sand, especially with edges and tight corners
  • Always make your sanding even and smooth
  • Try to avoid stopping and starting repeatedly

Spindle Sander Safety Tips

Spindle sanders will come with a safety guide and recommendations to follow. Always hold wood pieces securely. Always swap out your spindles to suit a more appropriate project. For your own safety, make sure that the spindle size is slightly smaller than the project you need to refinish, or you may become injured from the sheer force emitted from the sander. You can also place a metal or plexiglass guard around the spindle for hand protection.

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