Floor Sander

What is a Floor Sander?

Floor Sander

Floor Sander

A floor sander is a power tool that uses the same principles found in belt or drum sanders, with the same general framework, depending on which model you decide to purchase.

A floor sander it is shaped exactly like a vacuum cleaner. It has rotating sanding disc that glides over surfaces in wooden floors, removing all of the patina from the wood and making them smooth and flat.

While the sanding is being done, there is a bag that collects all of the dust and wood shavings from the floor for later disposal. Areas where drum or belt types cannot reach are covered by edgers.

How to Use a Floor Sander

  • First, you must check and make sure that everything is in place on your floor sander
  • If anything is unaligned, it could turn out bad
  • When you have ensured that your machine is assembled securely, get to the starting point where you want to refinish your floor
  • Obviously, you should always start at the edge of your floor so that you can control the evenness of where your sander buffs over
  • When you are ready, turn on the machine, and slowly move it in a backwards motion
  • Moving backwards is usually best, because you can see the progress with your floor as it is being made, and evaluate if the area needs a second pass
  • Always empty the bag attachment that gathers dust and wood shavings when necessary

Floor Sander Safety Tips

When you change attachments or debris bags, always make sure that your sander is unplugged and inoperable. As with any sander, make sure you wear protective gear, such as safety goggles, and never use your sander barefooted. Never try lifting the machine by yourself, as it is too heavy and requires two people. Never operate when your floors are wet, such as if you have just mopped. Inspect your sander for broken belts before use.

Choosing a Floor Sander for Purchase

When buying a floor sander the first thing you have to do is to determine your budget. Professional sanders can sell for upwards of thousands, but there are less expensive ones available. Disc floor sanders use rotation for refinishing purposes in more odd-shaped floors. Belt floor sanders are good for newer floors, and those with needs that are generally straightforward. Drum floor sanders should really only be necessary for old, thick, harder floors – or for larger-scale projects.

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