Disc Sander

What is a Disc Sander?

Disc Sander

Disc Sander

A disc sander is another type of sanding power tool that includes spherical sandpaper attached to a wheel that is continuously being spun while the device is in use.

The work piece is placed on a platform of the sander and gradually introduced to the sandpaper rotary. The platform can be adjusted to suit whichever angle you need it to.

Disc sanders usually come with different sandpaper spheres, and the grit coarseness alternates between them, enabling you to do rough or fine sanding refinishes, depending on what your project calls for.

How to Use a Disc Sander

When turning on this type of sander, the sandpaper disc should be given enough time to reach full speed before you begin shaping and smoothing your work piece. When you do begin, always keep the wood piece in motion, otherwise the friction will cause it to burn.

Using a disc sander to trim down pieces of wood is not the intended purpose. It is to be used only for smoothing and refinishing the exterior of your work pieces. Try not to press too hard on your disc. Cut toward the center of the disc to shave only a little, and out to the edges for a lot.

Disc Sander Safety Tips

  • Even when disc sanders are barely spinning, make sure not to grab them, because you can injure your hands and fingers
  • Always take proper precautions not to breathe in dust from your sanding
  • Make sure your sleeves are rolled up
  • Make a note of where your hands are at all times
  • Keep the wood material flat on the table surface at all times while sanding. If it isn’t flat, it will want to come loose
  • Maintain even pressure, in one smooth arc into the spinning disc. Never keep coming back and forth with it, because you could lose control of the wood material

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