Air Sander

What is an Air Sander?

Air Sander

Air Sander

Air sanders are devices used to sand down wood for a smooth finish, but instead of electricity, they run through an air compressor.

Air sanders are lighter than electricity ones, since they have no motors. This translates to quieter performance. An air sander is also generally more powerful than other offerings available. As well, there are certain advantages offered to these types of sanders though, in that they cannot overheat. Overheating is a big problem when it comes to the breakdown of electric power tools.

Air sanders come in many designs, from larger handheld types, those that fit in your palm, to standard-sized sanders. They even make air sanders with discs, drums, and spindles.

How to Use an Air Sander

The uses depend on which model you choose to buy. One application includes sculpting miniatures or figurines, for the much smaller ones. You can strip the paint off of a car to give it a new one. Or, you can engage in your standard woodworking practices that sanders are known for.

Whatever you decide to use air sanders for, you should always do so with care. When working with the pressure of an air compressor, they are sure to be more powerful than the standard fare you may encounter with electric sander models. Everything that you do with one of these will have more significant negatives than you might find when making a mistake with a power type.

Air Sander Safety Tips

These safety precautions are standard fare as well. Everything you have to expect from using any sander:

  • Always attach a bag to catch wood dust and paint chips, if applicable
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Never place your fingers on or around the sanding disc
  • Essentially, the closer you are when refinishing a project, the more care you should take when going about it, especially with an air sander
  • Keep your air compressor away from temperatures that are too high or low
  • Always remember to check the oil before use
  • Secure the safety valves

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